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  • Standard with Bluetooth™ wireless capability which allows you to send your data to your ANDROID™ device.
  • Supply and exhaust
  • Memory and Averaging
  • It measures airflow and pressure readings with a pitot tube or velocity grid.
  • Displays in both imprerial and metric units
  • Velocity Grid, Airfoil and Pitot tube mode
  • Velocity and Pressure
  • Auto -Range and Zero
  • Air Density corrected
  • BRIGHT color display
  • Dual durometer non-slip durable plastic case
  • Comes with hands-free neck strap
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  • High resolution pressure measurement
  • Average airflow measurement
  • Store multiple measurements under a single ID#
  • Visible full-color display

  • HVAC Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
  • Critical Environment Certification
  • HEPA Filter Performance Testing
  • Manufacturing Process Control

Measurement Specifications
Range With Pitot Tube: 30 to 7874 FPM (0.15 to 40 m/s)
With Velocity Grid: 30 to 2952 FPM (0.15 to 15 m/s)
Accuracy +/- 3% of READING +/- 0.05 m/s
Range -10 to 10 in. w.c. (-2500 to 2500 Pa)
Accuracy +/- 1.5% of READING +/- 0.25 Pa
Absolute Pressure
Range 20 to 38 in. Hg (70 to 130 kPa)
Accuracy +/- 2% of READING
General Specifications
Interface USB, Bluetooth
Velocity Grid Size 11″ x 11″ (for 1 square foot area)
Datalogging 8,000 measurements
Power Supply 4 x AA Batteries or AC Adapter
Standards CE-mark
Warranty 1 year
6700 Meter, Pressure tubing (2 x 120 cm), PC communication
cable, Shoulder/Neck Strap, Data processing software, Operation
manual,NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATION certificate, Smartphone App
6700-VG Meter, Velocity Grid, Pressure tubing (2 x 120 cm), PC
communication cable, Shoulder Strap, Data processing software,
Carrying case, Operation manual, NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATION certificate, Smartphone App
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